Architects' competition announced by the Ramla Municipality and the Association of Architects in Israel. The competition sought to produce an impressive entrance to the northern entrance area to the city of Ramla.
As always, the design is first and foremost for people, residents and visitors. The project offers a spatial element that seeks to create a public space and an announcement.
At the northern entrance to the city, the planning arena was declared, on the southeastern side of the "ice" junction. This is a rather aggressive space, where the project offers to seize an opportunity and create a safe space for the benefit of pedestrians.

The project takes into account all users of the space and especially the sidewalk pedestrians and creates a place for all ages, to meet, perform, chat, or just sit in the shade in a space which is protected from the intersection and rapid movement of the traffic.

At the same time, the project strives to proudly represent the northern entrance. Road users watching the project from a different angle experience a show with a noticeable and impressive spatial front that announces the entrance to the city.
Without a quantitative program, but laden with value-based content, the project seeks to create a super-temporal element that respectfully represents the past, celebrates the present and is relevant to the future.

The project was designed as part of an architects' competition on behalf of the Association of Architects in collaboration with the Ramla Municipality.
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