Hatzerim, Israel

With: Knafo Klimor Architects
Program: Museum
Client: Air Force, Department of Defense
Area: 17,000 sqm
Status: Competition 2nd Prize
The Israeli Air Force Museum proposal won the 2nd place (out of 66) in a public competition to design the new museum.
The project is located in the existing museum site, which was established in 1977. The 16,000sqm proposal integrates some of the historical buildings of the existing museum, alongside new indoors and outdoors exhibitions areas. It also provides open spaces for large aircrafts display. The different exhibition halls are located on both sides of the main linear rout, according to the functional program and the chronological order of the different events that shaped the state of Israel since its early days.This rout, which is the spine of the project, is inspired by the Air Force runways.